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Are you looking for an Osteopath that speaks English in Valencia and are not sure who to pick?


Here is the information about our clinic:


We are located in Calle Rodrigo de Pertegas 44. We offer professional, caring treatments with a high level of clinical expertise and care. The clinic is run by Emanuele Vanoli, the only British trained and registered Osteopath (General Osteopathic Council Register No: 8815) in the Valencia area.

Emanuele specialises in treating spinal conditions and problems with the neck and low back, shoulders, hips and knees with the use of functional neurology, which is a non invasive, non painful treatment the uses the reflexes of the nervous system to normalize muscle tone and joint range of motion. He has extensive experience treating both acute and chronic conditions.

The treatment is tailored to suit the individual patient’s needs. Usually Osteopathic treatment may involve different types of gentle massage techniques and mobilization of joints. The famous «pops and clicks» of joints which most people believe being a necessary part of osteopathic treatment are actually not usually used in our practice. The main technique used is PDTR which is a type of functional nuerology treatment. It consists in the application of different stimuli to different parts of the body. It is non invase and never painful. We use this stimuli in order to assess the type and location of the disfunction that causes the pain and imbalance in the body. It is then eliminated by using the reflexes of the nervous system, which is also painfree and is able to address very old trauma stored in the body. Lifestyle advice and corrective exercises are also usually prescribed.

If you are unsure how we can help, please contact us by phone on 601196367. We would be glad to discuss your case and clear any doubt you might have about osteopathic treatment. You can also fill in the form below and Emanuele will contact you directly.


What people say about us:

«Just brilliant, Emanuele is super welcoming and it is great that he explains everything that he is doing and why. After my first session, booked last minute when I was in a moment of despair with pain, I was already a functioning human being again and now I am almost back to ‘perfect’ :)» Beth


«Thank you so much for fixing my leg and back, after struggling for over a year and thinking it was something I’d have to just live with. Highly recommended… only wish I’d seen you sooner!» Nick


«“My lower back problem completely disappeared in a few sessions. Emanuele knows his stuff! He gave me plenty of information in order to avoid future problems, very interesting. I am recommending him to all my friends, very satisfied with my treatment.” Rose



First Consultation : 70€ (Duration 60 minutes)

Follow up: 40€ (duration 30 minutes)

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